Jimmy Choo for H&M

Nothing like an insanely improbable collaboration, one that could only happen in our wildest dreams, to get us through Hump Day: Jimmy Choo and H&M are launching a collection of bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women and a clothing line, hitting stores Nov. 14. That's right, we said Jimmy Choo. We have to stop for a second lest we get the vapors.

Following up its collaboration with Matthew Williamson, and perhaps aiming to one-up Target (Carlos Falchi faux-snakeskin bags are one thing, but Jimmy Choo?), this is one of the first high-end shoe lines to do one of these low–mass-market pairings. Thanks, economy! The quality of the shoes will, of course, remain to be seen. But the rush of UES women waiting in line with everyone else at H&M come November will just be priceless.

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