Betsey Johnson

I love it's a very nice brand. It's always innovative. Check these accessoiries.
A watch with white diamonds and colorful hearts. An other watch like an bracelet with a knot
Betsey Johnson Pink Yellow Leopard Rose Ankle Sock 2-Pack SKU: 577104Betsey Johnson Betseyville Green Tennis Tote SKU: 584535
Verry nice socks pink and yellow. If you take this bag to school it's like you go to the tennis club that's soo funny about this bag.

Betsey Johnson Betseyville Yellow Leopard Weekend Bag SKU: 588312Betsey Johnson Betseyville Pink Gingham Travel Case SKU: 554606
Yellow panterprint bag.

Betsey Johnson Betseyville Purple Leopard Phone Handbag SKU: 593903Betsey Johnson Silver Star Quilted Handbag SKU: 500594
When I saw this purple bag with panterprint and telephone I where in love. The silver bag is also a sweet bag with stars.

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