Yes we Ka

This winter, just say the words “I have a dream” and your dream will come true, as Serge Cajfinger for PAULE KA presents the bag that meets with universal approval: the “Yes we KA!”

Offering a hint of glamour, a touch of heroism, a forceful character and a chance to dream for all women, the “Yes we KA!” challenges conservative codes and expresses timeless chic and current values. Elegant and practical, fun and methodical, charismatic and functional, it’s a clever holdall that conforms to the classic shoulder-bag trend with its gold and silver chain.

The “Yes we KA!” from PAULE KA comes in crocodile-look leather, for a touch of the utmost luxury at a reasonable price, along with taupe, caramel and brown – a colour for every dream.


Fashion By He said...

great blog, love your pictures, cant wait to see more

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Mila said...

Beautiful bags!

Unknown said...

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