Claes Iversen Amsterdam fashion week 2010

For his Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection Claes Iversen fell under the spell of an anonymous model in a retro ad. As if they just graduate, appears on the first day of her first job, blooming of pure innocence and naïvity in her adult female pose. Her Style refers to the sixties and seventies, both the bright lines and rigid forms of retro futurist Courrèges and a equally archetypal flowery girlish fragility.
As is always the case with the inspirations of Claes Iversen shows the Fall-Winter 2010-2011 women's autobiographical traits. Now his own transformation into a mature professional steadily taking place, the tendency to cling to the child in him that is so pure and uninhibited can play and enjoy, a source of duality. As the young adult woman who is still the sweet little girl's eyes sparkled, as Claes Iversen cherishes what he loves most in his profession, the sheer pleasure and creativity in applying classic couture techniques and tailors his skills in contemporary collections.
The collection is remarkably rich in embroidery, in a lavish bouquets of coral and crystal beads and silk flowers, or in descending diamond patterns that seamlessly passed to the extended organza rokvoeringen, an exquisite surprise. Some outfits capture the symbolic transformation and look like the sturdy woolen fabric of responsibilities literally on the fragile transparency of youth grows back. Virgin proportions as knee-length skirts and sleeve lengths to balance the elbow with other sophisticated and sensual roesjes female innocence. Bordeaux, coral, apricot and gold combine with gray and navy warm materials like felted wool women, the panne velvet and silk organza much. The theme literally begged for a traditional bride to close the show.
Spotted frontrow Yfke Sturm
Bastiaan van Schaik en Joel Davans

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