Interview David Chiang

Name: David Chiang

22 years old going to be 23 the end of this year :D

Where are you from?
I am from Vancouver Canada, where we are having the Winter Olympic Game 2010! Go Athletes!!

When did you start modeling?
I was scouted by few different scouts and agents, but I was only 16. I have no ideas what was modeling and what a model does that time. I was a geek in the school. All I know was my school stuffs. Never really thought about it.

Then after graduated university, September 2009, I came to Toronto for a vacation and met a stylist and a photographer they told me that I should try out modeling and be a model. I was on the way to Ford Models in Toronto office, The photographer told me to drop by my now mother agency, Elmer Olsen, first. One thing leads to another. In October 2009 I signed with them!

I just came back my very first season in Paris and Milan. I really enjoy my trip and I met some amazing talented people and I was so amazed by the city's.

Scored so far?
My very FIRST INTERNATIONAL SHOW was for Emporio Armani, then Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, then follow by Alexander McQueen and I got the second last outfit!
Then I got booked for an exclusive show in Berlin for Diesel Black Label, fun show. In Paris, I did my first exclusive show for a label called BLAAK and I opened the show!

So far there is no campaign yet but I am working on it :P hopefully soon!
Favourite designers?
My favorite designers mmm:
1. Alexander McQueen (he is a genius! can't believe I just did the show)
2. Dior by Heidi Slimane (love love love)
3. Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Homme
4. Giorgio Armani
5. Jean-Paul Gaultier
6. Dsquared2 by Dean and Dan!!!
7. Tom Ford for Gucci mens (when he was the creative director)

Describe your personal style?
I love simple, clean-cut but edgy with details and pair up with skinny jeans.

Style icons?
Mmm... I really don't know ... can I say ME???

Favourite stores?
Easy Zara!!!

Most stylish city?
Mmm ... Paris is my first choice, my second choice will be Milan then London!

Favourite vacation spot?
I haven't really travel a lot so can't really tell you the right answer but I would love to say anywhere in Europe people are so nice and so many histories going on there!

Favourite cocktail?
I actually don't drink so yeah don't really have a favorite cocktail. Maybe one day when I discover one I will let you know!!

Favourite place to search for inspiration?
I have to say book stores, magazine shops and library are my favorite places to search for informations and inspirations! Sometimes even on the street. I love to think and watch and playing around the ideas.

I spend my weekends…
I spend my weekends outdoor during the nice warm days I will go out like running, exploring the city and window shopping!

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