Mika van Leeuwen

At the age of fifteen Mika started his internship at a salon. At the same time, hedid the hair dresser school of Groningen and succeeded to do a three year educationin only two years. Mika soon realized that he fitted the job of a hair dresser. He decided to work in several salons each year to gain more experience. He started with a small salon around the corner and finished in the finest salon in town. His passion made him want to get more experience. This is when he decided to pack his bags and move to Amsterdam. Rob Peetoom – a guru in the world of hair – took Mika under his wing. His life picked up pace. Rob Peetoom noticed the talent of Mika and gave him every chance to learn more about the world of hair artists. Working hard and being eager rewarded him with eight diplomas and certificates. Mika gets a lot of bookings now. His portfolio is versatile and differs from being the hair stylist of celebrities to giving extraordinary hair at fashion shows. Television shows in Holland are fan of him already. Mika is always looking for a way to expand his passion. His ambition is inspiring and will get him to the highest level as a hair artist.

While Mika developed his passion for hair he found out that he had another passion with it. Hair is one part of making women feel glamorous but makeup makes the picture complete. Driven by this complete image Mika did 2 private makeup educations. He already worked with lots of celebrities. For instance: Trinny & Susannah, Chazia Mourali, de Gooise Meisjes and more. Mika is getting closer to being a inspiring hair & makeup artist every day, but Mika is always open to experience and learn new things. His motto is that you can learn from everyone, every day!


- Coming soon reality show at rtl by Mika van Leeuwen.


May Keizer said...

Hi April! I think your blog is great. Keep up the good work! May

ninam said...

So interesting!

Sheila said...

Niice I love these photos! And your blog is amazing :D

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