Me and my DL1961 4 way stretch 360 degree comfort

It's incredible. The legs are long, the fit is perfect and stays perfect.

I'm wearing:
Colbert: Angel Age
Top: America Today
Jeans: DL1961 4 way stretch 360 degree comfort
High heels: Buygo
Bag: Victoria Secret


Anonymous said...

woohoo, love the jeans look! sleek!

A lovely Giveway over my place: xoxo

Ruud said...

zeer positieve reactie op onze high tech jeans met 4-way stretch!

Top Style Advice said...

Hi Lovely :)

As you are aware that I love your blog, so I awarded you with the "One Lovely Blog" award!.

Visit and check out the post for more information.

Lots of Love

Teddi said...

april those shoes are hot!

Chloe Mia said...

Lovely blazer

Unknown said...