Street Level Soon in Europe

Street Level bags soon in Europe. If you can't wait you can buy them already on Nasty Gal Here.
These are some bags from the new collection.

What is your favourite bag of the collection?




Unknown said...

Oh man how do you choose! Those are all so fabulous! Holographic, red, totes and more!!!!

xo, Delightful Sunflower

Launna said...

April, I love the orange purse... my fav color

I also love the shiny silver one and the one that looks like it is a shiny purple one :)

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These are some seriously gorgeous bags!

Anonymous said...

Love them!! Especially the second red one :)

Anonymous said...

Ale śliczna torebka :)

Unknown said...

Love them all :) The coral/white one is my favorite!

Unknown said...

Really nice bags ;)

Unknown said...

Definitely the hollographic! They're awesome and I've wanted similar ones for soooo long now D:

Unknown said...

OMG, I really love the second bag, the red one. It's just beautiful.


Magic Box said...

Love the first one! Perfect for summer!

Unknown said...

My favourites are the shiny silver one and the two ethnic style bags, they're amazing! <3
Thanks so much for your comment :)


Apolline said...

I love these bags ! But i prefer the red bag :)

ROCK me! said...

Wow!!! like it!!! Thank´s for share this brand ;)

Follow you now!!

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