Modefabriek Sunday day 1

Its sunday morning 8 o'clock I wake up. Which fabulous outfit should I wear today.
I get ready for the Modefabriek. It will start at 10 o'clock, I will be there at 11 o'clock. I grab my bag and went out. I went by train to the Modefabriek. I went together with a friend of mine. She called me she was there already. A few minutes later I arrived.
We went to the VIP/PRESS desk, I got my card and admittance/press bracelet, my friend got the same. Where shall we start. At every hall where people who scanned you. First we went in de VIP/PRESS lounge.
There are 780 showrooms
Lovely colored Fiorucci shoes
I saw Nile for the first time in Lenk, Zwitserland and now again in the Modefabriek
Jacky Luxury
Tom Tailer
Allard Honigh with Kim Feenstra
Waiting for the 10 FEET fashion show
Frontrow at 10 FEET Tobias van Hamel from Spangas

Limited Industrie


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