Night at the museum The Hague

Models by the entrance. Michiel Wouda wears Karl Lagerfeld, Isabella wears Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Kimberly wears Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Kyra wears Karl Lagerfeld, Shanti wears Karl Lagerfeld and Reinder Veleze wears Cold Method.

Shanti wears Gerard Darel, Reinder Veleze wears D&G and Cold Method, Kyra wears Gerard Darel, Michiel Wouda wears Cold Method and Isabella wears Michael Barnaart van Bergen.


Jan Taminiau his collection for the Amsterdam International Fashion week 2010

Kyra wears Pinko and Kimberly wears Pinko and Miss Sixty.
Isabella wears Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Sanjay Ramcharan (the hairdresser of the models) and Shanti wears Michael Barnaart van Bergen.

Reinder Veleza wears Cold Method and Kimberly wears Pinko and Miss Sixty.
Standing by the stand of Maison de Bonneterie. Reinder Veleze, Michiel Wouda, Isabella, Shanti, Kyra and Kimberly. The models wearing clothes that you can buy at Maison de Bonneterie.

The winners of the evening, best clothes. Won a bag of Omar Munie.

The bags of Omar Munie. They are handmade.


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