It’s the news Diesel fans the world over have been waiting for. After years of feeling marginalised by society, of feeling too colourful, courageous, individualistic or merely stupid to the rest of the world, they’re finally getting a place they can call home. In 2011 they can emigrate to Diesel Island.

After launching a movement with the Be Stupid campaign, Diesel’s next step is the creation of an entirely new and stupid society: a tropical utopia where the principles of the Be Stupid manifesto can thrive and flourish.

The print and outdoor campaign images will show the first pioneers arriving on the island, living exciting experiences, solving some of the old world’s oldest problems (immigration, healthcare systems, transport…) with fresher eyes, and holding wild parties to celebrate the birth of their nation.

Diesel Island: land of the stupid, home of the brave.

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Top Style Advice said...

Love it!! brillant pictures and i love Diesel.


KOKOKOI said...

nice Diesel campaign!
PS. thankyou for the sweet comment!

Anastasios said...

Hi there April, I remember you said you are a window dresser. I shot of this and thought of you, have you seen it?