Baby lips

model shot

No more basic lip balm.
Super soft baby lips.
When I saw the advertorial of Baby Lips by Maybeline in Teen Vogue. I needed to buy these lip balms. Because of the fun colors of the package of the lip balm. But I can't buy them yet here. So I have to wait! 
Does somebody already bought these Baby Lips lip balm? 

6 moisturising flavours:
Relieving mentol
Anti-oxidant berry
Smoothing cherry
Energizing orange
Cherry velvet
Mango pie

model shot

2 colour enhancing shades
Baby pink
Pink blast


Marcell Fortuna said...

pretty colors, am thinking about getting one of them
thanks for sharing :)


Melanee said...

love this! great post! following back =)


Unknown said...

I want too !