CK One Color Cosmetics Campaign s/s 12

David Sims - Photographer
Panos Yiapanis - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Christiaan Houtenbos - Hair Stylist
Mark Carrasquillo - Makeup Artist
Fabien Baron - Creative Director
Yuna Park - Manicurist
Abbey Lee Kershaw - Model
Ehren Dorsey - Model
Eliza Cummings - Model
Fei Fei Sun - Model
Herieth Paul - Model
Lara Stone - Model
Ruby Aldridge - Model
Tomo Kurata - Model
Viggo Jonason - Model
Yuri Pleskun - Model



fran said...

perfect campaign!


Unknown said...

My favorite part about this is sthat everything seems so natural, except for the pop of color on the eye. It's this surreal contrast that really shows off the makeup , but also the beauty of each model.

Doing makeup always seems to be all or nothing -- all natural, or all crazy and over the top. this is such an interesting compromise.

Thanks for featuring!


C . N E X X said...

Amazing blog!
Im following you now and I hope you can follow me back.;)


Sunny said...

i enjoyed looking at your blog April!

Followed, looking forward to see more!;)

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I have to say the truth..i don't like this campain..i think that the colour is beautiful..but the models seem sick!..sorry...but i don't like them..


Viola said...

Those colors look AMAZING!

I've a giveaway now, please check it out! :)
xx Viola

fashchronicles said...

You have an awesome blog! I just followed you. Hope you can visit mine, too, and follow if you like :)

Fash Chronicles

*TDM* said...

beautiful photos :)
I love Abbey Lee :)
if you want, we can follow each other

Chahana said...

Abbey Lee is always gorgeous!

Haven't seen this campaige but i have instantly fallen in love with the beauty of it!


Fashion Stains said...

Love it!


Alessia said...

Non ho mai provato il makeup di Ck quindi dovrò organizzarmi per i prossimi acquisti in profumeria. La campagna pubblicitaria è molto bella...baci baci

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